Brick Making Machine

Brick making machine use sand, dust, dry slag, and fly coal ash as raw materials to produce strong bricks. This machine is designed for manufacturing bricks of cement, stone, and concrete. It not only achieves waste utilization but also protects the environment. This machine adopts advanced technology for producing bricks of better quality, larger density, and higher strength. These bricks are used for the construction of roads, buildings, parks, and gardens. If you are planning to purchase brick making machine, get in touch with BTM Product!

BTM Product is a reputed manufacturer of brick making machine in India. We use high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to manufacture this machine. We have a dedicated team of experienced engineers who pass this machine through stringent quality parameters so that you will get an error-free machine for brick production.

Features of Our Brick Making Machine :

Innovative Technology :

As a brick making machine manufacturer, we design the machine with the aid of hydraulic pressure technology to ensure its stable and high-efficiently working status.

Brick Mould :

This brick manufacturing machine is equipped with an accurate line cutting and carburizing treatment technology to ensure the precision and quality of all materials bricks.

Control Handle :

Our machine is featured with a control handle to control the expanding and declining of mold to form the bricks with labor-saving.

Long Functional Life :

High-strength steel materials and joints welded by carbon dioxide protection ensure firmness and long function life of this brick machine.

High Abrasion Performance :

Our machine deals with finish machining, cylindrical grinder, and chromium plating so it has features of high torsion strength and excellent abrasion resistance.

If you need a reliable and highly-efficient brick making machine within your budget, you can consider choosing BTM Product! Our machine can help you make different designs of bricks by changing molds. For more information about brick manufacturing machine, you can contact us at +91-8130629732 today!

Brick Making Machine
Brick Making Machine
Brick Making Machine