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About Us

Welcome to Bharat Tiles Machine Product! We are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of concrete equipment and machinery for the construction industry. With a lot of years of experience, we specialize in concrete moulds, mixers, block making machines, tile making machines, and more. Our goal is to provide high-quality, durable concrete machinery to help our customers improve efficiency and productivity on their construction projects.

At Bharat Tiles Machine Product, we are committed to innovation and bringing the latest concrete technology to the Indian market. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians continuously research and develop new products to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. We manufacture all our equipment using high-grade materials and components sourced from trusted suppliers. From design to finished product, all processes adhere to stringent quality control standards.

Quality Assurance

At Bharat Tiles Machine Product, quality is our top priority. We have implemented advanced quality control systems at every stage:

Raw Materials Inspection
All incoming raw materials are rigorously tested to ensure they meet technical specifications.
In-Process Testing
Critical processes like casting, machining, assembly are monitored for quality conformance.
Finished Product Testing
All finished products undergo thorough testing and inspection against quality parameters before dispatch.

Our quality team utilizes the latest measurement and testing equipment for dimensional checks, material composition tests, functional tests, and more. We also have dedicated R&D and prototyping facilities for new product development and design validation.

Our quality management system complies with the highest standards and codes. All equipment comes with guaranteed performance parameters and warranties against defects. Customers can be assured of getting robust, durable, high-performing concrete machinery from us.

Our Products

Here is an overview of our major product categories:

Concrete Moulds

We offer a wide range of moulds for manufacturing concrete blocks, paver blocks, tiles, pipes, and more. Our moulds are made from high-wear-resistant materials like steel, polyurethane, plastic, and rubber. They are designed for high productivity and accuracy. Some of our popular moulds include:

  1. Paver block moulds
  2. Hollow block moulds
  3. Solid block moulds
  4. Curb stone moulds
  5. Tile moulds
  6. Pipe moulds

We also customize moulds as per customer requirements.

Concrete Mixers

Our concrete mixers are ideal for small to large-scale mixing applications. We manufacture top-quality planetary mixers and pan mixers in various capacities:

  1. Pan mixers up to 500 kg capacity
  2. Planetary mixers up to 1250 kg capacity

Key features include robust gear drives, adjustable mixing blades, overload protection, industrial-grade wheels and chains.

Block Making Machines

Our range of block making machines can produce solid blocks, hollow blocks, fly ash bricks, pavers, curbstones, and more. Advanced vibration technology provides excellent compaction for high-density blocks. Key features include:

  1. Production capacity up to 8000 blocks/day
  2. Vibrators designed for low maintenance
  3. Sturdy steel construction
  4. Customizable mould patterns

Tile Making Machines

Our tile manufacturing machines can produce floor tiles, wall tiles, paver tiles, tactile tiles, curb stones, and more. Advanced vibration systems provide superb finishing and compaction. Key features include:

  1. Vibration tables with variable frequency drives
  2. Adjustable mould space
  3. Digital control panel
  4. High-frequency electric vibrators
  5. Sturdy fabricated steel construction

We offer manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic tile making machines.

Admixture and Hardener

To complement our machinery, we also manufacture high-performance concrete admixtures and hardeners. These chemicals enhance the properties of concrete for maximum durability and strength. Our products include:

  1. Plasticizers to improve workability
  2. Water reducers to lower water content
  3. Hardening accelerators to speed up curing
  4. Waterproofing compounds
  5. Release agents

Our Strengths

Here are some of our key strengths:

  • Technical Expertise: Our team includes experienced mechanical engineers, metallurgists, chemists, and technicians. We leverage their in-depth domain expertise to continuously innovate and improve our products.
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Our manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced machinery, testing labs, and automation systems. This enables high productivity while maintaining quality standards.
  • Strategic Sourcing: We have established long-term partnerships with trusted suppliers for high-quality components and raw materials. This provides cost competitiveness as well as supply chain continuity.
  • Pan-India Presence: We have distributors and technical support teams spread across the country. This allows us to provide swift sales support as well as after-sales service to customers across India.
  • Customization Capabilities: We have proven expertise in custom-designing machinery based on specific customer requirements. This provides value to customers with unique needs.


Bharat Tiles Machine Product is a leading concrete machinery manufacturer providing high-quality, innovative products to the construction sector. With our commitment to quality, extensive expertise, and pan-India presence, we are a reliable partner for all your concrete machinery needs. Our diverse product range is suitable for small-scale requirements as well as large construction projects. Contact us today to learn how our products can benefit your business!

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