Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

Fly ash brick machine is designed for producing the best quality fly ash bricks with excellent pressure. If you are looking for a highly efficient and reliable fly ash brick machine in India for your plants and industry, BTM Product is the right choice! We are a leading fly ask brick making machine manufacturer in India. Our machine is available in various models to produce a wide range of bricks per hour. Our manufactured machines have features like automatic raw material weighing, batching plant, auto-mixing, and conveyor for fast production. Fly ash, sand, lime, or cement is raw materials used for fly ash bricks production.

Bricks are formed by compressing the raw materials like sand, cement or gypsum in the mould and hydraulically pressed. Our manufactured machine requires less manpower effort and is also an affordable solution. Fly ash bricks produced from this machine are uniform in different shapes and sizes with excellent compressive strength. Our machine is capable of manufacturing bricks with excellent engineering property and durability which make it perfect for building construction and development of infrastructure and construction of pavements and dams under waterworks and irrigation work.

Backed by an adept team of professionals and cutting edge technology, BTM Product can offer a wide array of fly ash brick making machine to our customers. Besides, our machines are manufactured in adherence to national quality standards and are tested on various parameters before final delivery to our customers’ end.

Why Choose Our Fly Ask Brick Making Machine?

• Easily Handled machine

• High Pressure and Strong Vibration for Blocks Forming

• Fast Cycle period (6-7 Cycles per minute)

• Heavy-Duty Robust design

• Automatic pallet feeding and stacking system

• Moulds can be changed easily

• A heavy-duty pan mixer is designed in such a way that all the raw material is mixed in it

Do you need a highly efficient and reliable fly ash brick making machine in bulk? Contact us at +91-8130629732 today!

Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Manufacturers
Fly Ash Brick Making Machine
Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Manufacturers in India