Paver Block Macking Machine

Paver block machine is used for manufacturing paver blocks in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Blocks produced by this machine can be used in both non-traffic and heavy traffic areas.

It is also known as interlocking brick machines as it can produce both interlocking blocks and bricks. This mechanically strong and sturdy machine is known for its low power consumption, carrions resistance, and compact design. If you are looking for a reliable paver block making machine, visit BTM Product!

BTM Product is a professional manufacturer of paver block manufacturing machine in India. Our manufactured machine meets the international standard and the design ensures high performance and easy operation. The special design of the molding machine makes blocks sturdy and the programmable logic controller makes the operation easy. Besides, we can manufacture block making machine as per the requirements of clients no matter what production capacities and types.

Advantages Of Our Paver Block Making Machine

The High Strength Of Blocks :

The effective hydraulic pressure system and complicated feeding system make our paver block making machine able to produce accurate blocks for construction purposes. It also provides a closed-grain structure to the block which makes it highly rigid and vibration resi stant.

Customizable :

The requirements of blocks differ highly depend on the construction needs. The modern machine is integrated with innovative control systems which allow you to change the molding design as per needs. Even you can switch this machine between fully automatic and semi-automatic for easy operation as per your choices.

Low-Cost :

Our paver block making machine is manufactured by utilizing advanced technology so it can reduce up to 405 of energy usage. It helps decrease the cost and payroll profit and even an efficient and fast production line of this machine reduces the per-unit cost of the blocks

If you are interested in the paver block machine, you can get in touch with us and even contact us at +91-8130629732 for more information about the paver block machine!

Paver Block Making Machine

Product Name : Paver Block Making Machine

Technical Specification

Brand BTM
Oil Tank Capacity 400L
Motor Power 7.5 HP
Capacity 500 - 1000 block/hour

Product Description

Product Name Paver Block Making Machine
Product Description We are offering Paver Block Making Machine.
Price INR 160000